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The Young Gentleman

The Young Gentleman is an ESTABLISHED producer

He has many mixtape of his catalog on datpiff

He is also on Soundcloud

Aside from having numerous amounts of BANGERS,  He has something that almost no other artist, or producer has that I have encountered!

He has his own APP!

You want to talk about going all in, This man is the EPITOME of going hard for his craft!

Check him out in our featured producers section TODAY!

Joey Cutless

Joseph Jones (Born Febuary 10, 1981) Is an American hip-hop producer and founder of www.joeycutlessbeats.com Joey Cutless Has been highly  influential in the online beat sales market, multimedia, and broadcast television music licensing. 

Cutless has produced for MANY of the industries heavy hitters including Young Jeezy, and 50 cent as well as had MANY placements in MTV, VH1 and many other T.V Networks

Artist Radio!


I.D is a producer and artist out of Pontiac, Michigan!

He has produced for MANY artists, but his most memorable production

credit is with Travis Porter!

He has been in the game for MANY years, and shows no signs of

slowing down.

The reps Meticulous records and is a member of

Pontiac's crew YTB






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